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Buzzworthy solutions, built around your practice.
Why Us

We understand that there is no universal solution to address your unique challenges. So why settle for a company that fails to recognize this fact? At HiveBill, we collaborate closely with you to create tailored systems that perfectly align with your specific requirements.

Our Vision

To ease the daily challenges our clients face. So that they can Focus on delivering the best care to their patients.


We work with the top EMR softwares Athenahealth,NexGen, Epic, eClinicalworks. Etc.

Who are we

How it works

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Step one

First, tell us how we can help. 

Hivebill will create a Custom Design around your needs.

Step two

We get to work developing tools that match your business requirements. Then we will work with you to ensure that all your requirements are met and adjust the systems as needed . Then we implement it.

Working with Mask

Final steps

Finally, We will provide monthly performance reports on the Performance Data.

How it works
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To schedule a consultation for your medical practice with us, please let us know how we can assist you below. 

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Tel: 619-796-3289

San Diego, CA

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